Books I Hope to Read in 2024

Last year, I read all the books I put on my to-read list! (I last accomplished this feat in 2020, when I had a baby… and a pandemic).

Overall, my reading has suffered the predictable consequences of having two children (and not counting all the bedtime picture books). I read 88 books and a little over 26k words, about on par with last year… a long way from 172 books the year before my first daughter was born. Only one pre-1900 book: George Eliot’s Silas Marner.

I like this making this list because it helps me give myself permission to prioritize these books over other articles, magazines, and new releases. And, as always, my list is limited to books I already own at the beginning of the year.

Perhaps giddy with last year’s victory (and ignoring two secret projects in project), I’m adding two ambitious books to this year’s list: a series of essays by Daniel Tammet in French (it’s not available in English) and THE POWER BROKER. You tell me which is more foolhardy.

Here they are, alphabetically by author, except for Caro, balanced on top of the stack.