What’s On This Blog

Posts on this site fall into one of three categories: Article, Blog, or Wunderkammer.

  • Article posts are links to writing I have done elsewhere, they include a block quote from the article and a link to read the rest. They are more tightly edited and fully thought out (I hope!) than posts in the categories below.
  • Blog posts are short writing by me. Unlike article posts, they are complete in themselves, without “read more…” link. Housekeeping posts also fall into this category (announcements of an upcoming speaking event, etc.).
  • Wunderkammer posts function as a public commonplace book. (‘Wunderkammer’ refers to a cabinet of curiosities). Posts in this category are usually a block quote with a link to the source, with minimal commentary from me. It’s for writing I particularly enjoy, want to hold on to, and figured you might delight in, too.

Tags are varied, but the most helpful to know may be “Bookshelf” which appears on all book reviews and recommendations, “Speaking gigs” which contains links to audio or video from past talks, and “BenOp” which has writing on the Benedict Option and the quest for thicker community.


Writing Elsewhere

I am a contributing editor at America magazine, writing features and shorter posts. I also write on religion and culture for First ThingsCommonweal, Aleteia, and Fare Forward. I’ve written on diverse topics for FiveThirtyEightThe American ConservativeThe American Interest, and others.

In 2015, Ave Maria Press published my first book: Arriving at Amen: Seven Catholic Prayers that Even I Can Offerin which I discuss the seven Catholic spiritual practices that have shaped my prayer life (Petitionary prayer, Confession, the Examen, the Rosary, Divine Office, Lectio divina, and Mass) and the math, musicals, and medical oddities that helped me find my way into these practices.


What Came Before

All articles I’ve written for other sites have been added to the archives of this site. Previously, I blogged at Patheos under the heading “Unequally Yoked.” All posts from 2017 onward from that site are crossposted here. Unequally Yoked is where you can find posts that pre-date my conversion, as well as posts related to the Ideological Turing Tests I have run. If you’re exploring Unequally Yoked, you may find the compilation of sequenced posts helpful.