Discussing Illiberal Feminism with Plough

I joined Susannah Black and Jennifer Frey for a discussion of Illiberal Feminism, hosted by Plough.

The conversation was sparked, in part, by my article “Dependence,” in Plough. Here’s an excerpt from that piece:

It always confuses me that illiberalism is taken as a belligerent ideology – both by its detractors and some of its proponents – as though it were rooted in strength and prepared to wield that power against others. It is con­temporary liberalism that begins from an anthropology of independence, and presumes a strength and self-ownership we do not in fact possess.

The best corrective the growing illiberal enthusiasm can offer is not a rival strength – no fist clenched around a flagpole of any standard. Instead it must offer a re-appreciation of weakness – the kind I see in the chubby, fumbling fingers of my daughter, reaching out to her parents.