Books I Plan to Read in 2019

Last year was not a very good year for my “Books to Read in 2018” list, with five of my fifteen books unread. On the other hand, I got to read Middlemarch (for the first time) and Kristin Lavransdatter (second time) with online book groups. And those big, shared books made it hard to find the right time to pick up something like Grant.

In other reading news, I read 190 books total (just over 57k pages) over 2018, and, much to my amusement, the book I read that Goodreads told me was read by the most other Goodreads users was Middlemarch! The book with the earliest publication date was The Cloud of Unknowing.

I’m still interested in the books I didn’t get to, but I think I’ll not transfer them over to this year’s list. The way I think about this list is that it helps me give myself permission to make time for these books, when they’re competing with work, hobbies, or my ever growing stack of library holds. The list is my reminder that these books can take priority.

So, without further ado, the books I’d like to read in 2019:

I’d definitely like to include one more old-enough-to-be-public-domain doorstopper, but I have the feeling my Middlemarch-Kristin group will settle on another book to share and fill that gap for me.

Update, we’re reading (or, in my case, rereading) The Brothers Karamazov.