Fare Forward returns, with me on New Stoicism

Fare Forward, the Christian journal of ideas, is returning to print this December with a special edition. I have a feature on New Stoicism, with particular emphasis on Ryan Holiday (The Obstacle is the Way) and Massimo Pigliucci (How to be a Stoic)

The magazine will also include:

  • Matthew Loftus and Brandon McGinley (author of The Joys and Challenges of Family Life) on postliberal fatherhood.
  • Interview with Ross Douthat.
  • Charlie Clark on Walker Percy and the modern condition.
  • Susannah Black in defense of the city.
  • Kevin Gallagher reviewing Before Church and State.
  • Poetry by D. Wright, M. Maddox, P. Willis, and J.C. Scharl.
  • Plus Eve Tushnet, Tim Markatos, Peter Blair, and other people on topics I don’t know yet!

The issue is available to preorder now, for yourself or as a gift for a friend for Christmas.

I’m looking forward to my copy.