Farewell to the small graces of Great Comet

“Natasha and Pierre’s marriage is hundreds of pages away (and Andrey will reconcile with Natasha and die before that comes to pass). The change in Natasha is simply this, as she describes it, “For the first time in many days, I weep tears of gratitude, tears of tenderness, tears of thanks.”

Nothing has been solved for Natasha or Pierre, but in their encounter, they are both touched by grace. The noise and excitement of the show falls away, and they are both filled with a reverent awe as they each see the other clearly.

Great Comet has set itself the task of imbuing an internal movement of the heart with the same dramatic weight as a marriage, a murder, or any other more conventional climax. Malloy and his team are re-enchanting their audience, inviting them to marvel at the smallness and gentleness of forgiveness.”

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