Recommending Playborhood

Philanthropy Daily is collecting reading suggestions for coronatide. I was obviously tempted to suggest The Ghost Map or Microbe Hunters, both of which I love. But I decided to go with something more focused on how we can gather again.

We’re still a long way from being able to gather, but, even after a vaccine, many streets will be empty and quiet. It won’t be the virus quashing rambunctious play, but lousy urban or suburban design. Mike Lanza’s Playborhood is a handbook for making your home and your street a “third place,” somewhere that invites serendipitous encounters and unfettered exploration. He’s like a benevolent version of the witch from Hansel and Gretel, with a house studded with climbing fixtures, rather than gumdrops. Lanza’s plans will get you in trouble with your HOA, and may result in some scars and stories. But, he argues, avoiding all risks is the biggest danger of all. Use this time to start building and getting ready to take the right risks.

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